Saturday, January 21, 2012

Puppy Love Valentines Day

Last year for Valentine's Day I wanted to do something special for my kids. I found this adorable idea from The Gala Gals where we got to celebrate all day long. What I loved about this idea was that it was REALLY cheap. I hardly had to buy anything and yet it turned out SO cute! My kids talked about it for weeks!

It started with the theme "Puppy Love". The night before Valentine's Day, after the kids were in bed, I decorated the kitchen table with a cheap red tablecloth, some heart confetti, and a picture I made that said "puppy Love'. I found these adorable dog food containers at the dollar store and knew they'd be perfect for the day's theme! My kids thought it was HILARIOUS that I made them eat out of dog bowls! I also printed out a simple picture with the theme and their names, then I laminated them so we could use them as place mats.

While at the dollar store, I found these Valentine stuffed dogs. I had to have them. I'll buy anything for a buck.

So when the kids got up in the morning they found this:
Then to start the day off, we had cocoa puffs in our dog bowls. Awesome, right? Cause it looks like dog food.

I also happen to have a bone shaped cookie cutter that I had never had a reason to use until now. So we had bone shaped toast with our cereal.

Then, while the kids were at school, I got started on some more Puppy themed fun. I made bags with their names on them and filled them with Puppy Chow.

Then, since I knew my kids would think it was super hilarious, I printed out a picture of a fire hydrant and taped it to a plate. I cut up some green paper to look like grass and then I made some chocolate cake balls. It turned out super cute!
When it came time for dinner, we made personal sized pizzas:

I have a mini heart cookie cutter that we used to cut the Canadian bacon into little hearts, because hey, it's Valentine's Day.
We also made bone shaped garlic breadsticks:

We also had pink lemonade in sugar rimmed glasses:

It turned out to be such a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate Valentine's Day and my kids LOVED it! They keep asking me what I'm going to do this year--I'll give you a looks a little something like this:
Eeeeek! I'm so excited!
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  1. Love this post and all of your ideas! I can hardly wait to see what you create for Valentine's Day this year!