Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Baby Shower: The Cake Stands

I'm so excited that I get to throw a baby shower for my dear friend next week! I LOVE that I get to celebrate her beautiful sweet (and super chubby!) baby with all of our friends!
I'm also thrilled to get to be the one to plan the party, and therefore, paint many things pink. :) 
The theme started with these two beautiful old windows that I have, one is white and the other is pink. I love the vintage and shabby look, so after going through my house and finding all sorts of things that fit, the theme really started to come together. I spent many a night on Pinterest finding all sorts of inspiration:
 I found the perfect colors on this window from Design Dazzle. Love the old window!
I have a set of white birdcages like these I found at Great Rooms Decor.
I will do my best to replicate these beautiful favor boxes from Accent The Party. This party from also has a lot of inspirational ideas:

One of the first things I knew that I would need is a set of pink cake stands. They are so easy to make, and I know I'll use them over and over again. I made these red ones a while back for my daughter's birthday party and I have been able to use them for several parties since. Red is a very useful color. After I made these and realized how easy and cheap they were, I couldn't wait to have an excuse to make a set in every color! That could be a new goal for me. 

 I got these unfinished wood squares at Hobby Lobby and the table legs at Home Depot:
Then I painted them with several coats of the prettiest pink paint you ever did see:
The since I'm going for an older shabby look, I sanded the dickens out of them:

Then I took the two bottom pieces, and found the center:

I used a drill bit about the size of the screw on the bottom of the table legs to drill a hole half way through the piece of wood. JUST HALF WAY THROUGH!

Then the table legs will screw nicely onto the bottom of the cake stands, like so:

Then I took them outside and sprayed each piece with some clear matte finishing spray. This will give them a more finished look and also make those areas that you sanded stand out a little more.
Next I took the two top pieces, turned them upside-down and found the center. Then I just hot glued the end of the table legs, and glued them in the middle of the top piece. Make sure if your cake stands are square that you line the top and bottom up to match.

And Tah-Dah! Two beautiful pink cake stands!
Stay tuned for the next Baby Shower project!


  1. You did an excellent job on these! The color pink you chose is so pretty.

  2. Super gorgeous- these would be gorgeous in any colour all year!

    Thanks for the tutorial!

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So

  3. Love it Shannon! You are a babe with power tools.

  4. Pink Birdie baby shower is by, not Accent Designs!

    1. So sorry, I should know not to trust the Pinterest labels right? :) Hope the correction is ok, thanks for letting me know!