Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project Baby Shower: The Bunting

I have been busy making all kinds of cute stuff for next weeks Baby Shower! My latest project was the bunting that will go on the fireplace. The color inspiration for this shower came from a beautiful quilt that my mother-in-law made for my daughter. Looks a little something like this:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors. Perfect for the vintage shabby look I'm going for. And, I happen to have a bunch of leftover fabric from this quilt. This quilt is going to serve as the table cloth on the food table, so having extra fabric means it will all match so perfectly! So here's what it looks like:
And here's what I did:I cut a big triangle out of cardstock and traced it onto the back of 7 different fabrics.

Then I cut them out, leaving about 1/4 of an inch around the triangle:
I cut out triangles out of 7 different fabrics, and then I just took the fabric that I had the most of, and cut out 7 more triangles for the back:

Then I lined up one front and one back piece, right sides facing each other, and sewed down the two long sides of each triangle:

Then I trimmed around the point of each triangle so there wouldn't be so much bunched fabric when I turned them inside-out:

I keep a skewer next to my sewing machine to help push the fabric down and get a nice point on my triangles. Then I just ironed each one down, and trimmed that little piece of extra fabric on the tops of the triangles.

At this point I decided that I wanted to add a little bit more detail to my bunting, so I cut a smaller triangle out of cardstock, trace 6 more fronts, and 6 more backs. I sewed them the same as I did the bigger triangles, and ironed them flat.
When I had all 7 big triangles and all 6 little triangles sewed and ironed, I lined them up on my floor to get them in the order I wanted them:

I pinned them in place, and then using some cheap little cream colored eyelet lace I found at Joanne's, I sewed it right along the top of the bunting. I left about 6 inches of lace on each end to hang up the bunting with.

And here is the finished banner!

I love how it turned out. I think after the party I'll have to find a permanent home for this bunting in my daughter's room, because it matches her quilt right?!


  1. This idea and your blog are so cute! I would LOVE for you to link this up to my link party!

    - Kathryn

  2. I love this idea! TFS