Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Around the House

Oh my goodness, I have been so busy lately that Thanksgiving is sneaking up on me and I have barely noticed! I really had meant to blog about several projects that I made this year, and I never did! So instead I'll just post pictures of what I did! Here's a look at some of the Thanksgiving things around my house...

This was a fun little project. I made an this 8x10 print and put it in a frame on our kitchen counter. We have a dry erase marker next to it that we use to write something we are thankful for every day, then I just wipe it off for the next day. Notice that my son is thankful for movies and donuts. He's 11, can you tell? This is fun for me to see what crazy things my kids will write.
I also made a new runner for Thanksgiving this year. I LOVE these colors! 

 I wanted some green plates to match the green in my runner, and I found this set at Walmart on CLEARANCE. Chargers and napkin rings also on clearance. Sweet.

Now I can't wait for the FOOD! Happy Thanksgiving!

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