Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Notebooks

So I am one of those people that loves to make lists. I love notepads, notebooks, anything that I can write down notes and make to-do lists on. I have a small obsession with notebooks. Any chance I get to decorate a new notebook--I do a little dance. I may or may not have a problem. Case in point:
These are the notebooks within reach of my computer desk. I have many more. I have one here for taking notes at PTA meetings...
I have one for taking notes in Relief Society should the opportunity present itself...
Of course, it has ric rac. If I could cover the world in ric rac, I would. I had a rainbow/circus themed birthday party for my daughter last year. I also had a rainbow themed party planner with which to keep track of all birthday related stuff...complete with Happy Birthday ribbon...

I have a notebook for taking notes while watching General Conference...with ric rac...

 Last year I made a Christmas notebook to keep track of all my Christmas thoughts and ideas for my kids...

 I put tabs on the side for my kids so I can flip to the right page and jot down notes while out shopping...seriously, I took this notebook with me everywhere last Christmas. I glued a pocket on the inside cover to hold my receipts, and even added matching ribbon. Because that's important.

 And every year at the beginning of school I make my kids a couple of notebooks to use at school, which they LOVE! So this year I decided to make a couple more for each of them for Christmas, because really, you can never have enough notebooks. I made these using some digital scrapbook kits from my dear friend Katie. Here is the first one I made for my daughter...

I added some matching ribbon, because my little girl would say that nothing is complete without a bow.
The next two are for my son...

These print out with such amazing quality and are so easy and cheap! Every year when Walmart has their back to school sale and these notebooks are .10--I buy like 30. So so cheap. Then I can decorate them throughout the year for Holidays or birthdays. Kids love anything with their name on it so these make great gifts! After I made these on Photoshop, I put them on my flash drive, took them down to my local copy center and printed them out for .79. Then I brought them home, trimmed the edges to fit the notebook, and spent all of 30 seconds gluing them to the notebook. So for less than the price of 1 sheet of scrapbook paper, I made these adorable notebooks for my kids! I love cheap and easy ideas like this! Now I need to make a Christmas Party Planner notebook!

The digital scrapbook kits I used to make these are available at Katie's shop HERE!

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  1. Those are really cute! I love the conference one, that green ric rak is awesome! My daughter is the notebook decorator here. She decorates all of her (and her sister's) tablets for school and for YW's, too.

  2. One word...LOVE! I'm such a list maker! I LOVE all of the ones you made! I am so copying these!

    Thanks for linking up!


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