Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rainbow Circus Party

Well I have FINALLY put together some of the pictures of my daughter's birthday party! Seems like this has been on my to-do list for way too long! This was such a fun party to plan that I was actually kind of sad when it was over and I had to put everything away. My daughter had decided that she wanted a bright and fun circus themed party, so we came up with a rainbow color scheme and it took off from there. 

I ordered an adorable rainbow tutu and hair poof from 3littleprincesstutus, and then I made little suspenders from ribbon to add to it. I also bought a pair of rainbow leggings because they were stinkin' cute! Here are a few pictures from her photo shoot:
 This is the picture I decided to print out and frame to display in the center of the dessert table.
I found some perfect rainbow fabric at Joanns on clearance, so I bought a ton of it. I used it for everything! I made a simple table runner, backdrop for the dessert table, backdrop for the photo booth, and I even made a few bean bags for one of our games with it. I also used it to make little fabric ties for each of our guests--they turned out darling!

For the party decorations, I wanted to keep with the bright rainbow theme, so instead of a circus tent, I made a few rainbow balloon arches tied to PVC pipe that I striped with red duck tape. I had never made a balloon arch before, but let me tell ya, I now rock the balloon arch. These came together much easier than I had anticipated, and were really fun to make!
I set up a table under the arches for the girls to eat on. For the centerpieces, I used different colored pails filled with sand. I made paper windmills and added some rainbow ribbon to dress them up a bit.
 When our guests arrived, we had several carnival type games for them, including a ring toss game, water toss game, and a face painting station. I did my best to wow the crowds with my balloon tying talents too! Ok, I watched a YouTube video and learned how to make flowers. Just flowers. 
We borrowed this awesome clown cutout bean bag toss stand, which worked great with bean bags, and as a photo prop!
 We also had a photo booth set up with lots of props to dress up with!

For the food, we had lots of yummy rainbow colored goodies!
I got so busy with the party that I completely forgot about my amazing rainbow colored fruit platter that was sitting in the fridge. I found it after all the guests had left and I was cleaning up! Oops! Trust me, it really was pretty. I also spent many hours making these fabulous rainbow layered jello cups. These took forever. If I ever do this again, I'll use 3 colors, tops.
I am also lucky enough to have a friend that used to own a haunted house, and she still has tons of awesome concession stuff. I borrowed her Popcorn Maker and Churro warmer. You can't have a circus party without popcorn and churros right?!
I bought these carnival boxes from Oriental Trading, and the guests filled them up with tons of goodies!
I had so much fun with this party! I can't wait for the next one!! 
Oh, and with the leftover fabric...
Yep, Heidi and I had matching aprons.  ;)

I just finished this Rainbow Circus printable party set:

It's just 5 bucks for the whole set in my store HERE!
Happy Party Planning!


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